We are one of the few washing machine repairersĀ in Adelaide to offer fixed price repairs for the more common washing machine faults. Our fixed price replacement service is a part supply and install offering. It means we will attend your home, fit the required part and test to make sure that part is functioning correctly. The service price includes the part, labour, service call and GST.

Common Fixed Price Part Replacements are:

– Drain pump replacement
– Door boot seal replacement…
– Motor brushes replacement
– Door interlock replacement
– Inlet valve replacement
– Inlet hose replacement
– Heater element replacement

Having a large stock of spare parts in a warehouse or workshop is useless. The only spare parts that count are the ones the technician carries in the van. Because it is only then that the job can be complete during the first visit. That is our goal! To complete over 85% of our jobs at the first visit.

Parts (are they genuine or not?)

Many repair companies claim to use genuine parts. The problem with that term is the vagaries of the term “genuine” parts. The Manufactures wants you to buy genuine parts, not because they are the best, or even better than alternative parts. And who is the manufacturer, the company with their brand on the machine, or the manufacture who assembled the machine, or the manufacturer who made the part originally. Let’s use a drain pump as an example. Askoll is a drain pump manufacturer. They also make pumps for aquariums. Weirder still, the make electric bikes. What they don’t make is Washing Machines. Now lets take a manufacturer of washing machines, they buy drain pumps, sometime exclusively from one manufacturer in and effort to get the best price. Bulk is king when it comes to price. So buying all your pumps from one company makes economic sense. However, sometimes a competitor tries to win the supply contract by offering significant savings. Many white-good manufacturers change suppliers, which means the original supplied part ie Askoll, is no longer available from the washing machine brand supply chain. They may have switched to another well known pump manufacturer, or moved to a lesser known manufacturer. Sometimes the pumps they were using prove to be less than optimum, so they change suppliers. Bottom line, no one, not even the Washing Machine Brand Company can say with absolute certainty that the part which came out will be the exact same as the new part supplied. So we end up with words like “Genuine”, “Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)” or (Original Parts). None of which means that you will receive a) a best quality part or b) the same part as originally installed.

What we aim to do is supply the part(s) that have performed the best over time. This way we generally end up with a far lower than industry average in warranty calls. Returning to swap out faulty newly fitted parts is not in our best interest or financial interests. More often than not, our parts come direct from the big wholesalers in Europe and we try to stay with the large, recognised part manufacturers, where the choice is available.