Q. Do you offer free quotations?

A. No company can afford to provide free quotations. Those that do, include costs in the quoted price. You should ask if there is a charge if you choose not to proceed with the repair. Once a fault is determined we can offer an estimate of what the part and time to fit the part will be. We don’t provide labour estimates for machines over 7 years old as rusted components alter the time it takes to remove and fit parts.

Q. Do you do Gas repairs?

A. No; we can repair the ignition system, and we can replace the electrical components on gas/electric ovens. Often this can require the Gas Fitter to disconnect and reconnect the oven in order to make access to the rear of the oven.

Q. Why do you take a deposit for ordering in uncommon parts?

A. We now take a deposit or full payment for special order (non van stocked parts) due to customers changing their mind or cancelling jobs after we have ordered in non-refundable parts.

Q. Will the technician be able to lift the appliance?

A. We are restricted to lifting weights above 55KG by any one person. We also don’t have lifting equipment in the van for heights above 750mm. So if you have a dryer on top of the washing machine you should be aware we may need to make alternate arrangements to have it removed to make access to the washing machine.

  • As a general guide for lifting, lowering or carrying loads, the old Manual Handling Code of Practice suggests the following to help prompt action on addressing manual handling risks:
    – in seated work, it is not advisable to lift loads in excess of 4.5kgs
    – risk of injury increases significantly when weights between 16kgs and 55kgs are being handled so these tasks require special attention in risk assessment. Mechanical assistance and/or team lifting should be provided to reduce injury risk in these circumstances
    – no person should be required to handle weights over 55 kgs without mechanical aids or team lifting.

Q. If I fail to cancel an appointment will I be charged?

A. Yes, you will be charged a callout fee if you don’t provide at least 24 hour’s notice before the booked time. Wages still need to be paid and another customer would have missed out on having that time slot available.

Q. Why am I charged a Service Call/Callout fee?

A. This fee is to cover wages, admin, fuel, travel, advertising and fixed business costs. (It often takes around 30 mins to get to your job) Note: If we turn up and you’re not there and you haven’t cancelled the booking, you will still be charged the callout fee as we still have these fixed costs.

Q. Will you have the parts to repair my Appliance?

A. Until we have inspected your appliance we cannot qualify we will have all the parts required to repair it on the day. We do carry stock in each van which that is made up of the most common parts required for the more common appliance repairs. If you are confident what part is required we can order that part in before attending the booking. You will be required to pay for that part, even if it is finally not required. If we do order a part in, then return to your job to complete a repair you are not charged the callout charge again.

Q. What time will you arrive?

A. We offer 2 hour time slots, which you can choose from on the booking form. Most times we are earlier rather than later. However we will call if we expect to go over that 2 hour window.

Q. Is it dangerous to repair my own appliance?

A. Yes – even a registered electrician may have trouble, unless experienced in oven repairs. Some ovens could shock you even when unplugged. If wires/components are broken or not refitted correctly the oven could cause a FIRE or null and void your insurance or provide an electrical shock. In many cases it is also illegal to work on your own electrical oven, so don’t take the risk.

Q. Do I have to pay the technician on the spot?

A. Yes – Most whitegoods service companies no longer offer Accounts or Invoicing. We carry a mobile EFTPOS machine, we accept cash, debit cards, Visa/MasterCard.

Q. Do you warranty your repairs?

A. We offer 3 months labour warranty and the manufacturer’s warranty on any parts supplied and fitted by our technicians.

Q. Do you have a policy regarding pets?

A. Yes. We would like all customers to respect the technician’s workplace by keeping their pets restrained or in a separate room. If this sounds a bit harsh please understand there are many facets of this issue that are not commonly considered by customers. Such as:

– We don’t know if dogs are in yards with gated access. If you don’t have a bell at the front gate, please ensure the front gate is left open so we can access the front door to knock. We will try to call to make access but a “Missed Call Charge” may apply if we can’t gain access in a timely fashion.

– Transfer of disease – this can be from the technician’s pets to yours or other customer’s pets.

– Escape – cats especially can be quick to sneak out the front door.

– Bites – every customer that has had their pet bite a technician are always surprised and embarrassed.

– Electric shock – pets love to stick their nose into machines when no one is looking.

– Trodden on – Always by accident, and the smaller the animal the more damage as the technician wears steel cap safety boots.

Q. Can you recommend a new Appliance?

A. Yes we can – As we repair all brands of appliances we find out the common faults/issues, cost and availability of parts and receive feedback from customers first hand, therefore we have a very good idea on which appliances you should or shouldn’t look to buy and where to currently get the best deal.