Do It Yourself (D.I.Y.)

One day, when our old bones are ready for the bin, we will probably offer online DIY advice service. But until then DIY is the scourge of all self-respecting service technicians/companies.

“God helps those who help themselves” – but we don’t!

So for any who are pondering the do it yourself option; please don’t call us when it goes belly up! Customers oddly enough get offended when we tell them that we won’t attend their “DIY flop”. We’ve created this page so we don’t have to spend so long on the phone justifying our position on DIY. Here’s a list of just some of the reasons we don’t do DIY flops:

  •  A good deal of the profit is in the parts! When you go to the spare parts place and purchase the part they are collecting our share of the part profit.
  • Safety, many DIY efforts end in tears, mostly due to lost money or minor injuries. But it has happened that people have been electrocuted as a consequence!
  • Washing Machines can’t alter their own wiring!
  • Washing Machines can’t cross their own threads!
  • Washing Machines don’t disconnect themselves or take off unnecessary panels/parts.
  • DIY customers like to watch how it is done for future repairs!
  • Insurance companies reject claims caused by untrained and unqualified people.
"DIY flop"

Remember, people have died trying to repair their own washing machine

But mainly the industry can’t afford to compete with DIY and new cheap washing machines. Well trained technicians are becoming extinct, and as the whitegoods industry continues to build ever cheaper throw away washing machines and the online part sellers flood the market with DIY info; we the humble service technician are on the road to extinction. We have tried to combat these competitive influences by offering fixed price repairs for the common part failures. This has helped many customers realise it is still cost effective to have a technician carry out their repair.

By not attending DIY flops we hope we are sending a clear signal to our potential customer that if you do try DIY and can’t fix the problem, then you might well be left with an un-repairable washing machine. However this will only happen when enough technicians in our industry take the same stand.