Price:          $240.oo

We replace washing machine motor brushes on most common brands i.e. Electrolux, Samsung, Bosch, LG, Whirlpool, and Simpson for a fixed price. This price includes labour, GST, Service call, and a pair of motor brushes.

Brands such as Miele, Ariston, Omega, Hoover, AEG are subject to confirmation.

Included in this package is the following:

  • Service Call
  • Labour
  • A pair of motor brushes
  • GST
  • Travel within designated metro area

Excluded from this package is the following:

  • Brushes once fitted cannot be returned
  • Motor condition
  • Travel outside designated metro area
  • Washing machine assessment
  • Making good any DIY attempts


  1. If the motor has caused your circuit breaker or RCD to trip; it is unlikely brush replacement will be successful. Please ensure your technician is aware the power supply has tripped before attempting to have new brushes fitted.
  2. Brushes generally require replacement after 6 years of age, when the stainless steel bowl doesn’t spin, you can see arcing coming from under the washing machine, the motor spins intermittently and is affected by heavier loads, or the motor runs erratically.
  3. We don’t attempt repairs where the customer has tried to repair the machine themselves. If we have attended unaware that self repairs have been attempted, we will not offer any warranty on any work done. Further we will not reinstate any panels, cable, hoses, parts, connections etc. that we have not removed ourselves.